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Your guide to community care in Singapore

What are the issues on the minds of caregivers and seniors? How do they get support for their care needs in the community? How do caregivers cope with their everyday responsibilities?

NEXTSTEP is a free quarterly magazine published by the ​​Agency for Integrated Care that seeks to answer such questions, and more.

NEXTSTEP is the proud winner of the following publishing awards:

- CMA 2014: Gold Award
- Aster Awards 2017: Gold Award
- 2017 Health Care PR & Marketing Awards: Honorable Mention

Your guide to community care

Take a look at our latest issue, and past issues in electronic form here. You can also write in to nextstep@aic.sg to subscribe to a print copy of the magazine.

Downloa​​d our latest copy: Year 2018 Issue 2

We hope the stories and tips this issue will show you how seniors are ageing well in their own ways through the day-to-day experiences.

Click on the image to read the soft copy of our magazine!

Previous Issues​

> Issue 1

Find out what intermediate and long-term care is all about.​

> Issue 2

Read about an 81-year-old volunteer caregiver and his care recipient.

> Issue 3

Read about common mental health disorders and myths about mental illness.

> Issue 4

​Learn about the options in caring for your loved one at home.

> Issue 5

​Find out about means-testing and how it helps you to pay for your long-term care.

> Issue 6

Learn how AIC's Mobile Eldercare Locator (now called Mobile E-care Locator) app can help you find health and social care services.

> Issue 7

The enhanced Singapore Silver Pages is now a one-stop resource portal on eldercare and caregiving.

>​Issue 8

Learn about the Caregivers Training Grant, find out from caregivers how to tap on financial help to support you in caring for your loved ones at home.

>Issue 9

Singapore's Pioneer Generation are in the limelight in this issue of NEXTSTEP, which talks about the efforts made to recognise their achievements, and what kind of benefits they may qualify for.

Issue 10

In this issue, we introduce our new AICare Link branch at Maxwell. We also discuss the new MediShield ​Life, and tackle some questions people with Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) may have.

>Issue 11 (Year 2016 Issue 1)

Find out how technology can be used to help caregivers and seniors lead the lives they want, in their communities where they can be surrounded by family and friends.​

>Year 2016 Issue 2

This issue, we introduce you to “Home First”. Home First focuses on exploring community care services and support first, delaying the need for institutional care as long as possible.​

>Year 2016 Issue 3

T​his issue of NEXTSTEP, we find out how individuals and groups of people, such as grassroots leaders, foodstall owners, agencies and more, can help anyone live well in their community. ​​​

>Year 2017 Issue 1

This issue, we turn the spotlight on care professionals. Many of them toil behind the scenes to ensure caregivers and their loved ones can tap on Community Care support in their neighbourhoods, such as day care centres, home services, and more.​​​

>Year 2017 Issue 2

NEXTSTEP charts the caregiving journey with some inspiring caregivers and their loved ones. Find out more about how you can take charge of your own well-being even while looking after someone else. Click on the image to read the soft copy of our magazine!

>Year 2017 Issue 3

NEXTSTEP takes a look at how volunteers work with different Community Care organisations, grassroots and government agencies to support our seniors and caregivers through the Community Networks for Seniors (CNS) and other initiatives.

>Year 2018 Issue 1

NEXTSTEP revisits the topic of self-care with Caregivers to understand how respite and the support from their families and care staff helped sustain them in their caregiving journey. Click on the image to read the soft copy of our magazine!


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NextStep is a free quarterly magazine published by the Agency for Integrated Care. It is your guide to community care in Singapore.
NextStep, NextStep magazine, NextStep Singapore, community care guide, community care guide Singapore
NextStep is a free quarterly magazine published by the Agency for Integrated Care. It is your guide to community care in Singapore.
NextStep: Your guide to community care in Singapore