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ElderShield is a severe disability insurance plan that provides basic financial protection to those who need long-term care, especially in their old age.

Depending on the plan you have, ElderShield will pay a monthly cash benefit of $300 per month for up to 60 months, or $400 per month for up to 72 months, if you have a severe disability. The Ministry of Health has appointed three private insurers to administer ElderShield, namely, Aviva, Great Eastern and NTUC Income.

​ElderShield premiums are determined at age of entry and paid annually until age 65. The premium amount does not increase with age. Premiums can be paid through Medisave or in cash.

​ElderShield 300​ElderShield 400
(Default plan for people who joined ElderShield after September 2007)
​Payout Amount​$300 / month​$400 / month
​Payout Duration​Up to 60 months​Up to 72 months 


To be eligible for ElderShield:


You are automatically enrolled in ElderShield if you are a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident with a Medisave account at age 40, unless you opt out of the scheme.

You can check for your ElderShield coverage through the CPF Board's website. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to www.cpf.gov.sg​
  2. Log in to "My CPF Online Services" using​​​​ your NRIC and SingPass
  3. Select "My Messages" and view under "Healthcare"
  4. If you are covered ​under ElderShield, this section will let you know the ElderShield insurer you are covered under (ie Aviva, Great Eastern, or NTUC Income). ​​


1. Download the ElderShield Claim Form
The form you download depends on the insurer you are covered under:

2. Functional Assessment
Confirm you cannot perform three or more Activities of Daily Living by going for an assessment by an approved IDAPE assessor. ​The list of appointed assessors is here (and is the same across insurer).
3. Get Assessed At Home
If you cannot leave the house, this assessment can be done at home.

  • Visit to the appointed assessor - $50 per assessment
  • House call - $150 per assessment

4. Submit the Forms
Complete the ElderShield Claim Form and hand them to the assessor, who will fill in the necessary sections and submit them to your ElderShield insurer.

If your ElderShield claim is successful, your insurer will reimburse the full cost of the assessment fee to you.

Opt-back into ElderShield

If you have opted-out of ElderShield earlier, and wish to opt-in, please note that you need to be age 64 year old and younger, and your re-entry into the scheme will be subject to underwriting.

Should you wish to opt back in, you can contact any of the three ElderShield  insurers below:

Aviva: 6827 7788
Great Eastern: 1800- 248 2888
NTUC Income: 6332-113

You can find out more through the Ministry of Health website.


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ElderShield provides a monthly pay-out to help with the expenses for the care of those who are severely disabled, especially the elderly.
ElderShield, ElderShield Singapore, Severe Disability Insurance Scheme, Disability Insurance Scheme
ElderShield provides a monthly pay-out to help with the expenses for the care of those who are severely disabled, especially the elderly.