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Caregiver Symposium - Your Wellbeing Matters

Thank you for your support. The Caregiver Symposium 2018 has successfully concluded on 3 February 2018.


Presentation Slides

Click here for Dr. Saamdu Chetri’s presentation slides on Realising Happiness through Mindful Caregiving
Click here for Dr Joseph Khoo’s presentation slides on A Caregiver’s Roller Coaster Journey
Click here for Ms Karen Koh’s presentation slides on Art Therapy for Self Care: ‘Note to Self’ Therapeutic Art Experiential
Click here for Ms Janelle Chan’s presentation slides on Advance Care Planning: What is Best for my Loved Ones?
Click here​ for Mr Patrick Tan’s presentation slides on Leave a Legacy and Protect Your Loved Ones in Supporting Caregivers
Click here​ for Mr Yong Cheng Huat’s presentation slides on The Caregiving Journey: Role of Care Professionals 
Click here​ for Dr Rahul Malhotra’s presentation slides on Psychological and Health Impact of Caregiving 
Click here​ for Ms Anita Ho’s presentation slides on To What Extent Does Instrumental Support Address Caregivers’ Distress
Click here​ for Mr Wilfred Liang’s presentation slides on The Effects Of A Multi-Family Group Programme Targeting Individuals with Early Psychosis and Their Families in Singapore
Click here​ for Mr Andy Sim’s presentation slides on The Need for Contextualised Advance Care Planning Advocacy and Conversations

Did You Know?

The number of citizens aged 65 and above is forecasted to increase from 440,000 in 2015 to 900,000 in 2030 [Source: Department of Statistics & Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health ].

This means that more of us will become caregivers as our society ages. It is therefore important to be aware and equipped with caregiving skills at an early stage.

What Makes You a Caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who provides care to a family member or loved one who needs help with their physical, social or mental health needs.

What Does this Mean to You?

This means you might become a caregiver in the near future regardless of your age. Hence, it is important for you to set the right expectations and plan ahead. 

What Can You Do?

1) Know the Basics
Your loved one will have a range of physical, financial, and medical needs. Their home environment will also need to be adapted to suit their current needs in a safe and comfortable manner.

To help you figure out the basics, click here to answer these four guiding questions.

2) Involve Your Family

It is also important that you rope in your family members and/or healthcare services to share the responsibility in caregiving. Taking on all the tasks may lead to burnout which is not beneficial for you and your loved one.

Find out more here on how you can involve your family in providing care.


3) Build Resilience
Caregiving is a long-term commitment and a key ingredient to successful caregiving is resilience.

How do you build this quality? By tapping on family support and Community Care resources of course!

Watch this video to find out how Mr Elvin Tan, a young caregiver who was suddenly called upon to care for his ageing mother, managed to pull-through with the support of his family and various care services. 


4) Stay Positive and Get Help

Staying positive is something caregiver,Stephanie Loke, 48, knows best. Not only is she a caregiver to her 81-year-old mother, who has Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and other conditions, she is also a busy businesswoman. Read about her in our NEXTSTEP story.

To keep herself motivated amid all the work and caregiving responsibilities, she goes by the mantra, "See the positive side of any situation. Focus on the silver lining in your caregiving journey."

For working caregivers like Stephanie, there are various schemes to support them and give them peace of mind while they continue to work. They include:

a)       Hire a Trained Helper

  • Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker Scheme: The Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) scheme allows you to hire a FDW who is pre-trained in eldercare, prior to placement with your family. Click here to find out more.

b)      Financial Assistance

  • Caregivers Training Grant: The Caregivers Training Grant is a $200 annual subsidy that allows you to attend approved courses to learn how to better care for your loved ones. Click here to find out more.
  • Foreign Domestic Worker Grant: The FDW Grant provides a $120 monthly cash payment to families who need to hire a FDW to care for their loved ones who require permanent assistance with three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Click here to find out more.

Learn more about other financial schemes here.

c)      Home Care Services

Home Personal Care supports frail and/or home-bound seniors and their caregivers in ageing-in-place through the provision of personal care services in their homes. Services provided include personal hygiene, elder-sitting, mind-stimulating activities, light housekeeping, and other personal care tasks that best meet the senior's needs.

d)      Centre-based Services

If you need someone to look after your loved one during the day while you work or run errands, you can consider tapping on various day care services:

5) Do Something Fun with Your Loved Ones

Caregiving is about spending quality time with your loved one. It is not just about providing for their physical needs. 

Share-A-Meal .

One simple way to do so is to share a meal, or even one that is prepared by you! Here are some easy dishes you can whip up. 

Featured Recipe 1: Mixed Savoury Bean Soup 

Madam Choy Ah Choon was the primary caregiver to her late husband, Mr Woon Boon Meng. During the initial phase, it was really not easy on Mdm Choy and she often wondered "Why me?"

However, one of the things that brought Mdm Choy joy was that her husband loved the Mixed Savoury Bean Soup she created to enhance his appetite and aid in his digestion.

Watch the video below for the recipe!

Featured Recipe 2: Dahi Vada

Ms Maisuri and her mother cared for her late father who had stroke and dementia. As a result of his mood swings and refusal to eat, he lost a lot of weight. To address this, her mother started cooking more nutritious food, but his favourite dish was still the Dahi Vada.

Watch the video below for the recipe!

Craving more? 

View more recipe videos here.

Download our cookbook, Care.Cook.Inspire, for the recipes and a special collection of caregiver stories he re

Other Fun Activities in the Kitchen

  • Goody Cookie Fun: Gather your friendly neighbouring kakis to do some baking together. Create doughs of cookies, and place positive messages into them. Share the warm wishes with your loved ones.   
  • Detox Juice Day: Time to hydrate yourself and your loved ones. Choose your favourite fruit(s), spend time juicing away, and add colours to your health.
  • Paint Your Own Pizza: Create your own pizza designs with your family from scratch!
  • Scoopy Soup: Go grocery shopping with your loved one and pick out colourful ingredients to prepare a delicious hot broth that is good for the soul. 

Other Fun Outdoor Activities

  • Take a stroll or plan for a picnic at family-friendly parks. Click here for more information.
  • Pick up a new hobby together. Click here for more information.  
  • Stretch those muscles and exercise together. Click here for more information.  
  • Playing games for bonding time. Click here for more information.  
  • Take your loved ones out for a day of fun together. Click here for more information.  

As a caregiver, much of our time and focus is on ensuring that our loved one's needs are catered for. However, it is also important to also look after yourself. Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others.

6) Say "Yes" to yourself

Caregivers often focus on caring for their loved ones and forget to look after themselves. This may lead to caregiver burnout.

As the saying goes, "You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first", you have to find time to do the things you enjoy.

It can be as simple as reading a book, or picking up a hobby like painting, gardening, cross-stitching or even singing. You can even have a cup of coffee with a close friend!  Remember to say 'Yes!' to yourself often.


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Tips on how to care for yourself better and be a resilient caregiver.
caregiver symposium, caregiver advice, singapore caregivers, caregiving
Tips on how to care for yourself better and be a resilient caregiver.
Caregiver Symposium