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Caregivers can tap on nursing homes for respite care if they need short-term care options for several days to a few weeks for their loved ones, e.g. when your Foreign Domestic Worker goes on home leave.


In general, respite care at Nursing Homes includes the following.

How to Apply

To apply for this service, your loved one must meet the following minimum criteria: 
  1. Has moderate to high nursing care needs;
  2. Has a long-term care arrangement in place.

There must be a discharge care plan for your loved one at the end of the respite care period.

You may approach a Care Consultant at your nearest AICare Link, or contact any private nursing home for assistance. All applications for subsidised respite care are to be submitted 4 weeks prior to the requested admission date. This is to provide sufficient time for AIC to process your application and for the nursing home to review and conduct the necessary assessments. 

Please note that application does not guarantee placement – this is subject to the nursing home's assessment and their bed availability during the intended respite period. 

For more information on government subsidies for respite care, click here

Documents Required for Nursing Home Respite Care applications 

Please prepare the following documents to facilitate the nursing home's review of your application: 
  • A copy of the Care Recipient's Medical Report, including his/her chest X-ray result. Please note that the report should be dated no earlier than six months from the intended date of admission. 
These are suggested ways to obtain the Medical Report: 
  • Use Care Recipient's hospital discharge summary if he/she was discharged not more than 6 months ago; or
  • Through the Care Recipient's regular General Practitioner; or
  • Through participating medical facilities listed here* 

  • * Participating medical facilities will be able to assist you with the required Medical Report and Chest X-ray within 1-2 working days. 

Your doctor should include the following details in the Medical Report: 
  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical history 
  • Current functional status 
  • Required nursing procedures
  • Drug allergy history (including list of current medications) 
  • Cognitive and behavioural symptoms (if applicable) 
  • Results from Chest X-Ray 


You may need to access respite care unexpectedly. Planning ahead for respite care will help you to better care for yourself and your loved ones. You can pre-enrol for respite care ahead of time under the Go Respite pilot programme, to shorten the time required to access respite care when you need it. Click here to learn more.

If you would like to pre-enrol for nursing home respite care, you may approach the participating nursing homes

If you need Nursing Home Respite Care within one to five working days, you may approach these nursing homes.

In general, the daily room and board rate ranges from $100 to $150 for open ward (excluding administration fees, consumables, and a refundable deposit). 

Please note that respite care is not a suitable option if your loved one has a condition that requires urgent medical attention. For such cases, please seek assistance from a General Practitioner or hospital.


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For caregivers who need short-term care options for several days to a few weeks for their loved ones.
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For caregivers who need short-term care options for several days to a few weeks for their loved ones.
Respite Care at Nursing Homes