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​Dementia-Friendly Singapore seeks to build dementia-friendly communities across the island. In these communities, residents, businesses and services, and the community at large are aware of dementia and understand how to better support seniors with dementia and their caregivers. It is a place where the seniors feel respected, valued, and where help is within easy reach so that they can continue to lead independent and meaningful lives.



Who are educated​​ to serve as community lookouts

Community Resources

Community Resources

Wh​o are trained to assist seniors with dementia



To assist seniors with dementia who are unable to find their way home

Business Premises and Public Buildings

Business Premises and Public Buildings

That are Dementia-Friendly

Dementia-Friendly Community 

Singapore has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world, and will see an increase in the lifetime prevalence of dementia.  By 2030, one in five Singaporeans will be 65 or older (900,000).  The number of seniors with dementia will more than double to 103,000.

As such, there is a need to build communities to help seniors with dementia lead independent and meaningful lives. This can be achieved through Dementia-Friendly Communities by creating support networks of residents, businesses and services, grassroots and volunteers, community partners, faith-based organisations and the community at large.

Part of this network are Go-To Points, which are part of the safe return system for seniors with dementia. Here, community partners form a network of four to five Go-To Points, serving as safe return points for seniors who may not be able to find their way home. Members of the community can bring these seniors to the Go-To points, and leaders at these locations will offer general assistance to these seniors. They include identification and contacting of the senior’s next-of-kin or family member to ensure that the seniors are reunited with their loved ones.

To see a map of current Go-To Points in Singapore, please click​​ here.

Dementia-Friendly Community 
Dementia-Friendly Community 
Dementia-Friendly Community 

I am an individual

You can sign up to be a Dementia Friend or Champion in your community. To sign up, please e-mail ​​​careinmind@aic.sg​​

Business Owners

I run or own a business

You can improve safety and accessibility for seniors with dementia by ensuring that your premises:

  • Are Barrier-free.
  • Have well-placed signages.
  • Have bright lighting.
  • Have clear colour contrasts to prevent disorientation.
Community Organisations

I am a part of a community organisation

You can sign your members up for training sessions on identifying signs and symptoms of dementia by dropping an e-mail to ​​careinmind@aic.sg

Go-To Points

Go-To Point

If you're looking for a Go-To-Point in your community, you can find a list here

Knowing Dementia

"Knowing Dementia"

An educational video about recognising the signs and symptoms of dementia through ABCD, and how to help persons with dementia through KIND and CARE


Yishun Dementia-Friendly Community Campaign

Find out more about the Yishun Dementia-Friendly Community Campaign at www.forgetusnot.​sg.



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Dementia-Friendly Singapore seeks to build dementia-friendly communities where the community at large is aware of dementia.
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Dementia-Friendly Singapore seeks to build dementia-friendly communities where the community at large is aware of dementia.
Dementia-Friendly Singapore