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As you grow older, you may prefer to spend your days in your own home, a place that is familiar and where you can find love and warmth. ​Care services will be needed to support you so that you can continue to live well at home or in the community. You may need fina​​​​ncial help to get this care.


Where can you find such care services and financial help? The answer lies in the Singapore Silver Pages (SSP), an initiative by the Agency for Integrated Care.​​ SSP is a one-stop resource on Community Care information to help you make informed care choices by making it easier to find the information you need.

SSP is the first portal to integrate social care, healthcare, mental health and caregiving resources under one roof for seniors, caregivers and care decision makers. If you are being treated for illness, recovering, or taking care of an older relative, you can use SSP to learn about the care options and get support near you.​ 

The website’s self-assessment tools help you narrow down your search for financial help or services, while the E-care Locator helps you to find care services across Singapore, from home care providers and day care centres to nursing homes. With these useful resources, you can age well and be assured that help and support are nearby. 


About Agency for Integrated Care

AIC seeks to create a vibrant care community enabling people to live well and age gracefully. AIC coordinates and facilitates efforts in care integration to achieve the best care outcomes for our clients. 

AIC does this by empowering them with health and social care information and arranging for their care when they are discharged from hospitals. AIC enables stakeholders to raise the quality of care, and also enhance collaboration by working with health and social care providers to increase services to support the ageing population. AIC’s work in the community brings care services and information closer to those in need. 

For more information, you can visit www.aic.sg. ​


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Singapore Silver Pages (SSP), by the Agency for Integrated Care, serves as a one-stop portal on Community Care.
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Singapore Silver Pages (SSP), by the Agency for Integrated Care, serves as a one-stop portal on Community Care.
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